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Jun 24 2007

Slazburg, wandering

OK, I don’t feel at all bad about slumbering until 3 after the previous night! News quickly reaches us that several members of our party group won’t be leaving their respective houses today as they are absolutely thrashed. This in light of the infamous Austrian drinking constitution makes it clear that 14 hours of drinking […]

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Jun 23 2007

Salzburg, half-Christmas

Margit and Tini are kind enough to offer me the spare room (no hotel! hurrah!), and I make good use of it sleeping until noon. We head back into town and do a little touring and grab some coffee. Salzburg is beautiful this time of year, and despite having some tourists, it’s surprisingly uncrowded. On […]

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Jun 22 2007

Vienna, tourist

After a cursory review of a few old faithful Vienna tourist spots, I figure it’s time to get off the beaten path and head down to the Gasometer. Four old brick gas tanks that have been used for Bond films and raves, they now house a mall (blech), apartments, and some really interesting modern architecture. […]

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Jun 20 2007


As much as I’d like to stay, Paris is full. Totally full. I try a dozen or so websites, and there’s not a room or hostel to be had (short of $700). Hint taken, I try to get a train to Vienna. No luck. “Can’t you leave tomorrow?” *sigh* I may end up on the […]

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Jun 19 2007

Paris, museums

My sister Victoria has helpfully provided me with a few top choices for museums, and so I start with the Decorative Arts at the Louvre After a quick bite (ok, 90 mins for a coffee, who’s in a rush 😉 I head across the Seine to the Musee d’Orsay. I find myself wandering again looking […]

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Jun 18 2007

Paris, Monday

I’ve picked the perfect day: Monday. Nothing’s open (this is Paris after all, and they only work a few hours on the best of days, when they’re not on strike that is). I pick out a few choice sights that aren’t museums (like Notre Dame) and make a path through the city from the Arc […]

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Jun 17 2007


Another week hanging with the Gordons, drinking gallons of the black stuff, eating fine sushi and sweating through some spectacular Indian, and I finally decide it’s time to jump the channel. I’m heading East, slowly… so I figure Paris is a nice spot to stop for a few nights. I hop on the Eurostar and […]

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Jun 10 2007

Bristol, cider world

I wake with a mild hangover, but significantly less severe than I deserve given the 12 hour poison consumption binge of the previous day (liver’s starting to ache 😉 Sam’s up and busy avoiding the kitchen cleanup; I’d attempted to make cheese sandwiches the night before for a few partiers (with way too much English […]

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Jun 09 2007

Bristol, the farm

I’ve been trading emails with my childhood friend Sam (aka Samantha), and we’ve arranged a visit in her home city of Bristol. It takes very little time to get there by rail from London, and so I jump the express, and am soon outside her small two bedroom in the fringes of city. I’ve chosen […]

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Jun 06 2007

Norfolk, trains and gardens

After some strong coffee, and a few hours tackling some more bramble, we take a breather and check out the local rail museum (local being effectively across the street – we drive). The museum is a real gem, containing dozens of beautifully restored original steam locomotives spanning the technology’s life. A few specimens are even […]

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