Jul 12 2008

Salzburg Night Out

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A visit to Salzburg is always a welcome surprise of exciting (drunken) excursions. Tonight, Tini, Margit and Oliver are taking me downtown to meet up with a few of their friends, Helmut and Uta. As always, the evening starts with a few healthy glasses of prosecco, and we even mix in a little champagne. Once sufficiently warmed up, we motor into town. Salzburg is just spectacular at sunset, as the light plays on the castle walls and the steep cliffs overlooking the city’s baroque church domes.

We meet Helmut and Uta (whose name I get at Ulga, apparently not a favorable name in Austria 😉 and we wander a bit looking for a nice bar with outside seating. There’s a festival in town (which always seems to be the case in Salzburg) and there’s live bands entertaining the crowds of revelers as they wander between the myriad of street cafes. We finally settle at Havana Bar and Tini and I challenge each other, alternating between Caipirinas and Mohitos until we’re well and truly blitzed.

Talk turns to spicey food, and Margit insists that we try something called ‘fire water’ at a bar around the corner. We catch the place just as it’s closing, but Margit manages to convince the bar tender to fix us one if we buy him one! The shot looks like tequila, but really does taste of fire (as in out these flames out!). I think it’s lovely, but everyone else has gone very red in the face and are in some real pain! ;). I have a few more for the road (something I will seriously regret the following day!).

Our latast adventure has left us with the munchies, and we seek out a local wurst-mobile and order a few tasty Kaiser Krainers – cheese filled sausages sliced into cocktail-sized bites and served with a sweet mustard, a heavenly delight gauranteing the early-onset of coronary heart disease. Tini and Ollie are beat (it’s almost dawn) and so they head for home, but Margit suggests a late night bar up the road where we can drink until well past closing.

The early hours find Margit and I relaxing on a bench in Mirabell gardens in time for the fountains to start up. It’s been a long night, and we finally call it and catch a bus back home.

All and all, a pretty typical Salzburg night out – I really wish I had some Solpediene left!!

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