Shanghai Expo 2010

A perfect October morning in Shanghai. Against all advice I’m determine to see the city’s heavily advertised World Expo.  Advisers warn of lines unacceptable to the “western mind” coupled with lots of offensive smells, bumping, spitting… how bad can it be? North gate #2; ticket lines are nearly nonexistent, especially surprising given this week’s National… Continue reading Shanghai Expo 2010


OK, I’ll admit it. I love pickled herring! I’ll have to confess though, before today I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about – some crazy, historical Scandinavian fetish that was born out of need for food in the winter or something. Bull. It’s heavenly. I reached this particular enlightenment at Prinsen (The Prince)… Continue reading Stockholm

Waiter in Venice

Observations of a waiter in Venice. Italian waiters really are a breed apart. My hotel suggested a wonderful late night cafe a few turns from Piazza San Marco (Bistrot de Venise for reference). I’m greeted with a warm double-pawed handshake by an impeccably dressed man (in tails!) with a deep, Italian tinted, almost operatic ‘Buona… Continue reading Waiter in Venice


Ah Rome! The land of endless cafes serving perfectly prepared espresso, meandering narrow streets where each window holds an epic tale that the American mind cannot hope to comprehend, mesmerizingly stunning women with musical accents, cuisine both subtle and delectable, buildings scared by a history older than most religions, mind-bendingly complex discussions of politics and… Continue reading Rome

Laos, Luang Prabang

We’re off again before dawn to catch our boat to Phenom Peng. I doze awhile, waking occasionally to admire the crooked Cat-in-the-Hat straw stilt huts in the lake. I can’t imagine how these survive a typhoon. In town, we’re immediately accosted by about 10 touts trying to get us in their taxi – there so… Continue reading Laos, Luang Prabang