May 28 2008


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Ah Rome!

The land of endless cafes serving perfectly prepared espresso, meandering narrow streets where each window holds an epic tale that the American mind cannot hope to comprehend, mesmerizingly stunning women with musical accents, cuisine both subtle and delectable, buildings scared by a history older than most religions, mind-bendingly complex discussions of politics and romance over Chianti, art the envy of all civilization, wonderfully diverse and beautifully stacked piles of mostly rock (some marble), street traffic that makes NY a walk in the park, warm weather that becomes a thick sticky sauna in minutes, prices that cause physical pain, pushy Nigerian hawkers that won’t (no can’t) comprehend ‘no,’ bars trying to charge you 350 euros for a bottle of crappy fizzy ‘wine,’ ugly Americans screaming on their cell ph… Ah screw it, perhaps the espresso is as nice in Venice…

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